All employees have the right not to be wrongfully dismissed.

You have been wrongly dismissed if your employer has, without cause, dismissed you without full notice or without money in lieu of notice. The notice period is either set out in your contract or is determined in accordance with the statutory minimum period calculated according to your length of service.

Your employer may only legitimately terminate your employment without notice or money in lieu of notice if you have committed gross misconduct or some other serious breach of contract.

If your employer summarily terminates your contracts without legitimate reason then you are entitled to compensation for your notice period.

The amount of notice you are entitled to be paid should be included in your contract of employment. If this is not the case then the law provides you with a statutory minimum entitlement to notice of 1 week for every year of your employment. You are entitled to be paid whichever is the greater amount.

You may also be entitled to other benefits such as bonuses, holiday pay, commission, health benefits, childcare vouchers etc. It is important that you check your contract to confirm what benefits you are entitled to during your notice period.