Deductions from your wages by your employer are unlawful unless certain statutory requirements are met.

These include:

  • Deductions required or authorised by statute such as PAYE, national insurance contributions or a provision of your contract;
  • Deductions to which you have given your prior agreement in writing;
  • Payment to a third party to which you have given your prior written agreement;
  • Deductions made within a reasonable time for reimbursement of previous overpayment of wages or expenses;
  • Deductions made on account of your participation in industrial action;
  • Payments the employer is required by statute to make to a public authority following any appropriate decision;
  • Sums the employer is required to pay pursuant to an attachment of earnings order made by the court.


Are you eligible to claim?

You must be an employee or someone who works under a contract of employment whether express or implied whereby you have undertaken to personally performed any work or services for another party to that contract who is not your client or a customer of yours.

You must bring the claim within 3 months of the date of the relevant deduction or if there have been a series of deductions within 3 months of the last deduction in the series.

We advise that you contact us immediately if you believe your employer has unlawfully made deductions from your wages.