We recommend that you have terms and conditions for the access to and use of your website. You may be able to rely on these terms to restrict potential liabilities to visitors, prevent unauthorised reproduction of materials on the site or unauthorised linking to the site.

We advise on the following;


You may want to take visitors to an accept icon before they are allowed to enter the site. Alternatively you may want to include notice stating that by using the site visitors are deemed to have accepted the website terms and conditions.


Visitor content

You may want to impose obligations on visitors not to post illegal or harmful content on the site


You will want to disclaim any liability for the content or performance of the site

Data Protection

You will want to fulfil you obligations under UK data protection law if you are using your site to collect personal date on visitors

You may want to use a privacy policy on the website and to bring this to the attention of visitors


You may want to specify what visitors can do with the content of the site


You may want to include some form of password entry to your site and to impose obligations not to pass such passwords to others.