Legal intervention in family matters is often unavoidable, and rarely comfortable. In this difficult area, our sensitivity and professionalism encourages resolution quickly and efficiently. Our approach prioritises the diffusion or avoidance of dispute at all times and is focused on preservation of the relationships in question. We will always explore the possibility of resolution through mediation rather than through the courts.

We can help with

• Divorce and separation
• Child issues – maintenance, residence and contact
• Financial settlements
• Property issues on separation

Resolution and reconciliation

In cases where dispute is unavoidable, our team will prioritise resolution and reconciliation. We will endeavour to resolve matters amicably outside the courts, working hard to improve your situation, not make it worse. We also offer Collaborative Law resolution in appropriate cases.

Children come first

We place the utmost importance at all times on protecting the rights and welfare of the family's most vulnerable members.

Fixed Fees

Our clients tell us they want to know in advance how much their legal bill will be. So that's why we offer our services on a fixed fee basis to ensure the best course of action to take fits into both your personal circumstances and financial situation.

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