A South Lakes law firm striving to give only the best service to our clients. GDA guarantees total commitment and dedication in securing the very best settlement for you, without compromise.

We are polite, friendly, personable and efficient while maintaining a professional but firm approach.

We promise to keep it simple, straightforward and make sure you are informed of all aspects throughout your matter.


Our Promises to You

At all times:

  • You will talk to friendly and caring professionals who is a specialist regarding your case
  • You will receive understanding, empathetic and professional advice which always puts your best interests at its core
  • We will undertake immediate investigations to progress your case
  • We will take into account any worries that you may have such as dealing with financial needs, state benefits and asserting your employment and other rights
  • We will discuss all aspects of your claim at a place and time convenient for you
  • We'll give you ALL the support you need

We understand that contacting a lawyer might seem like a big step - especially if you haven't done so before.

At GDA Solicitors we understand the real impact of your case. We have the skills and experience to progress your matter to a successful conclusion

GDA Solicitors...consider it done!